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2014 Election Polling: A Post-Mortem and Look to the Future

Election 2014

Co-sponsored by DC-AAPOR:
November 13, 2014, a panel of industry leaders will look back over the year, digest the results and the performance of the new methodologies, and examine their implications from different points of view.
The panel:

  • Anna Greenberg - Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research
  • Bill McInturff - Public Opinion Strategies
  • Stu Rothenberg - Rothenberg Political Report
  • Frank Newport - Gallup Poll
  • Susan Pinkus - Formerly of LA Times poll will chair the panel

Read about the panelists and post-mortem logistics

The Andrew Kohut Student Fellowship Fund

Andrew Kohut 2014 Mitofsky Award winnerTo honor the 2014 winner of the Warren J Mitofsky Award for Excellence in Public Opinion Research, the Roper Center Board of Directors has established an endowment fund for the purpose of supporting student research. Kohut Fellows will receive training in public opinion research and mentoring by experts in the field, permitting industrious students an opportunity to continue Mr. Kohut's work well into the future.

Sponsor the Andrew Kohut Student Fellowship Fund

Money, Politics and the American Public

Money and the capital building

Observers of the American political scene have long denigrated politicians' reliance on money and the donors who provide it. The influence of money in politics in general and campaigns in particular is a staple of op-ed writers, late-night comedians and armchair pundits. As another Federal Election Commission reporting deadline looms, how bad does the public really think the problem is and what are they willing to do about it?

Read: Money, Politics and the American Public

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The Public and Ebola: What the Polls Say

Ebola virus image

The news stories now follow a familiar pattern: an outbreak of a new and frightening disease on another continent, the first cases found in the U.S., the speculation about the risk to the American population. The public has experienced this before: first SARS, then several waves of H1N1, and now Ebola. What did the public think during these earlier outbreaks, and what are they thinking now?

Read: The Public and Ebola: What the Polls Say

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Love, Marriage and the Vatican:
Americans' Attitudes about Marriage and the Catholic Church

Wedding cake split down the middle between bride and groom.

Next week, the world's Catholic bishops will descend upon Rome for an Extraordinary General Council of the Synod. This rare meeting of church leaders has been convened by Pope Francis, who has signaled a willingness to change the Church's direction to meet contemporary challenges to family and marriage. In a country where about a quarter of the population identify as Catholic, how does the American public's attitudes about marriage, divorce and cohabitation accord with those of the Catholic Church? And what do American Catholics think?

Read: Love, Marriage and the Vatican: Americans' Attitudes about Marriage and the Catholic Church

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Call for Proposals: 2015 RARE Research Awards

The Roper Award for Research Experience (RARE) is a subcategory of the SHARE (Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Research Experience) Award. SHARE and RARE are designed especially for students in the earlier stages of their college careers, to introduce them to research in their chosen fields and to develop the skills they will need for further research projects. RARE teams consist of a faculty mentor and a student apprentice who apply jointly for the program. Applications must be submitted by 4:00 pm on October 27, 2014.

RARE Award program details and links to the online application.

Read about the 2014 RARE Award winning teams.


New Webinars Available


Introduction to Roper Center Services - Tour the various services available through the Center. Learn search strategies for using iPOLL and the Catalog of Dataset holdings as well as a variety of approaches to obtaining cross tabulations.

Using iPOLL - Explore the content and functionality of iPOLL. Learn the nuts and bolts of searching this database to generate results for real research questions. Bring your research questions!

Accessing Datasets at the Roper Center – Experience different methods of identify studies to run detailed data analysis and download datasets. Using SPSS and RoperExplorer, this interactive webinar will run through generating basic crosstabs.

Read more about these webinars and register for a session at Webinars now located within User Support.

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