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Warren J. Mitofsky Fund & Award

The Warren J. Mitofsky award is given in recognition of outstanding research or reporting that uses The Roper Center’s vast public opinion data archives.

Learn about Warren Mitofsky and the award in his name, or give to the Warren J. Mitofsky Memorial Fund in his honor.

Who We Are

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research is the largest archive of public opinion data in existence. The Center holds data dating back to the 1930’s and from over 60 nations.

The Roper Center is a public opinion archive — it preserves the data from polls conducted by many leading survey organizations for the use of researchers, students, and journalists. Read more about the purpose of the Center.
Elmo Roper founded the Roper Center just after World War II. He and George Gallup played leading roles in its subsequent development. The survey organizations they established have continued to contribute their polls to the Center’s library, and scores of other survey organizations in the United States, and many foreign countries, have followed their example. Read more about the history of the Center.

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2012 NEP Exit Polls Now Available

Explore the newly acquired 2012 National Election Pool Election Day Exit Polls, available at the Roper Center. The collection features a national dataset as well as 31 state-level datasets.

We would like thank ABC News, the Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, Fox News and NBC News for contributing this important collection to the Roper Center so that our scholarly research community may access these data now and into the future. […]

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