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Due to the lack of continued funding and technology changes, the database is no longer available.

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The Roper Center's Japanese Data Archive has two components:
  • JPOLL, the on-line, question-level database of Japanese public opinion
  • Japanese data library, which is made up of thousands of Japanese survey research studies.
JPOLL exists in cyberspace, while the library resides in the bucolic setting of the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut.
This project is currently supported through funding from the United States-Japan Foundation. The partnership that the Roper Center has developed with the United States-Japan Foundation is designed to expand our current database and to promote the broad use of the Center's Japanese data collection. The Japanese Archive project was initiated with the financial support from the Center for Global Partnership and the Japan-US Friendship Commission to facilitate a better understanding Japanese society.

This project has been funded in part by the following organizations:
United States-Japan

Center for Global Partnership
Japan-US Friendship Commission


Original source copyright maintained by individual survey organizations.

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