Lois Timms-Ferrara, Associate Director

Associate Director – Lois Timms-Ferrara

Lois began her career as a public opinion analyst for the Roper Center, preparing reports for media and academic researchers. Today, she is Associate Director of the Center and has lead responsibility for data acquisition and member/user development. Her formal education is in economics and her graduate studies have been in organizational relations. Lois’ current interests lie in developing educational tools for instruction in the use of polling data in the undergraduate classroom.  She is a participating member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and the International Association for Social Science, Information, Service and Technology (IASSIST).

Marc Maynard, Director of Technical Services

Assistant Director – Marc Maynard

Marc is Assistant Director and Director of Technology at the Roper Center. With experience in user services and archives management, he has most recently directed efforts to further develop the Roper Center’s data access services.  He has been primarily responsible for the development of iPOLL, the Center’s question retrieval system, and RoperExpress, its data download service.  Marc serves on the Operations Committee of the Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences (Data-PASS), a partnership in the Library of Congress’ National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP). He received a BS in business from the University of Connecticut and an MS in information technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Carl Brown, iPOLL Acquisitions Manager

iPOLL Acquisitions Manager – Carl Brown

Carl has been with the Roper Center since 1999, and currently collects and prepares new polls for entry into the iPOLL system and selects poll questions for our daily Twitter and Facebook feeds. He previously worked on the now-retired JPoll system of Japanese poll questions and prepared Elmo Roper’s papers at the Dodd Center.  He has a BA in Modern European history and an MA in American history from UConn, also works in retail, and spends much of his free time creating digital art.

Terry Emmons, Financial Assistant

Financial Assistant – Terry Emmons

Terry has been with the Roper Center since 1989 handling a broad array of administrative responsibilities including monitoring financials.  She enjoys solving problems and associating with the many clients, data providers, friends, and associates of the Center.

Darlene Hart, Web Manager

Web Manager – Darlene Hart

Darlene has been the Center’s Web Manager since 2000.  She is responsible for site design, day-to-day maintenance, managing redesigns of the site, and working with staff to develop content.  Prior to web management, she worked for fifteen years in a career that began with work management analysis, expanded into project management, and eventually led to corporate education and training. She has a Bachelor’s of General Studies degree (majoring in Industrial Engineering) from UConn.

Stephen King, Digital Archives Systems Administrator

Digital Archives Systems Administrator – Stephen King

Stephen has been with the Roper Center since April of 2012 in the role of Digital Archives System Administrator. Stephen brings to the center 18 years of experience in technical systems engineering and management along with analysis, design and programming skills. Stephen is a former manufacturing engineer who earned a BS in Management Information Systems from CCSU in 1996. On weekends you can find Stephen behind the keyboards of the popular Connecticut-based funk band, Avenue Groove.

Lindsey Pellino

Assistant Archive Manager – Lindsey Pellino

Lindsey has been working at the archive of the Roper Center since 2010. She assists in preparing datasets for usability including writing abstracts, metadata creation, and data quality reviews. Lindsey is a contributor to the Roper Center’s blog, writing about featured datasets and collections. She earned her Bachelor’s degrees from UConn in History and English, with a concentration in Creative Writing.

Kaylee Sawyer, Marketing Communications Associate

Marketing Communications Associate – Kaylee Sawyer

Kaylee joined the Roper Center team in June of 2008 as a student at UConn, where she completed two Bachelor’s degrees in Communication Sciences, Sociology, and Psychology. As Marketing Communications Associate, her primary responsibilities include creating promotional materials and maintaining social media pages, as well as coordinating various membership activities ranging from facilitating new trials to assisting membership representatives with workshops and webinars. In her free time, she enjoys visiting her local dog park with her two rescues, Charlie and Reign, and planning her next scuba-diving vacation.

Cindy Teixeira

Manager of Archival Development – Cindy Teixeira

Cindy currently serves as Manager of Archival Development and has been at the Roper Center since 1996.  She participates in the development and adoption of archival standards for the Center’s collections.  She manages the Archive Team in processing datasets through our multi-track approach: 1) new acquisitions, 2) collection reprocessing, and 3) client orders.  Cindy also enjoys advising and training members on the use of data files for secondary analysis.

Kathleen Weldon, Research Coordinator

Research Coordinator – Kathleen Weldon

Kathleen is Research Coordinator for the Roper Center. She leads a new research unit that uses the rich data resources of the Center to illuminate questions about the public’s views on important issues. A graduate of Wesleyan University with a degree in English, she started her career in public opinion at Harvard designing surveys with media and foundation partners. Kathleen is a member of AAPOR and currently serves as the program planning chair for NEAAPOR.


Maria Avitia

Maria Avitia

Maria received her master’s in Educational Psychology at Indiana University and is now working on her PhD. in School Psychology here at UConn. Her interests are in learning disabilities with an emphasis in reading. Maria works in the archive department at the Roper Center recoding older surveys to newer current formats.

Nellie Binder

Nellie Binder

Nellie is a junior majoring in International Relations with a minor in Art History in the Honors Program. She has been working at the Roper Center for over two years, and she also works at the UConn Writing Center as a tutor. Nellie is part of UConn Model United Nations, is a UNESCO Student Ambassador, and this summer she traveled to Cusco, Peru to volunteer at a clinic for disabled children.

Kim Card

Kimberly Card

Kim has just recently joined the Roper Center. She is pursuing a degree in Nursing and minoring in Food Science. Working with the financial assistant, her responsibilities at the Roper Center will be assisting in invoicing, financial recording, mailings, and providing support to the front office with phones. Kim is involved in Greek Life.  In her free time she enjoys dancing and spending time with friends and family.

Josef (Kuo-Hsun) Ma

Josef (Kuo-Hsun) Ma

Josef is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at UConn. His research interests include student internet use and educational outcomes in cross-national comparative perspective, religious participation, and altruism. Currently, he is working on his dissertation concerning the role of national context and educational policy in determining students’ digital use across rich and poor countries. He has published articles in Social Forces, International Sociology, Sociological Forum, and Journal of Taiwan Studies. At the Roper Center, Josef works for the data archive department processing survey datasets.

Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn

Sarah is an undergraduate student at UConn pursuing a dual-degree focused on mathematics generally, as well as math education. She is part of the iPOLL staff at the Roper Center focusing on the flow of the system. Sarah enters new questions into the computer system and also proofs those already entered in the system. She also checks trends and datasets to ensure the accuracy of iPOLL.

Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline recently began working at the Roper Center and is mainly working with iPOLL data. She is a freshman at UConn, currently in the School of Business.  Aside from working at the Roper Center, Caroline is involved in many organizations on campus, including the Woman in Business organization and a sorority.

Marmar Moussa Roper Center

Marmar Moussa

Marmar is pursuing a PhD degree at the Computer Science and Engineering Department at UConn. She had received a Masters in Computer Engineering in 2004 and has worked in numerous software development and research projects since then. She joined the Roper Center team in August 2014 where she is developing the iClass data classification tool. Her research interests include Machine Learning, Big Data Security and Predictive Analytics.

Yaira Rivera

Yaira Rivera

Yaira is a graduate student in the Computer Science & Engineering department at the University of Connecticut.  Yaira’s Roper Center responsibilities include working on iPOLL webpage, adding new elements to it and modifying existing ones.

Selma Sahin

Selma Sahin

Selma has joined the Roper Center community as an undergraduate student at UConn. She is a member of the iPOLL team, responsible for data entry and quality control. She is working towards her degree in Psychology along with Human Development and Family Studies in order to build her platform to work with children and their families in the future.

Rachel Silvia

Rachel Silvia

Rachel joined the Roper Center in May 2014 as an iPOLL proofreader and data entry assistant. She is a PhD student in the English department at the University of Connecticut. Her research interests include contemporary American women’s literature and multi-ethnic studies. In her free time, Rachel enjoys music, hiking, spending time with friends, and traveling.

Brian Tiedt

Brian Tiedt

Brian joined the Roper Center in September 2013. Brian is currently pursuing a double major in Economics and Political Science. At the Roper Center, Brian works as a Research Associate gathering and analyzing opinion data. In his spare time, Brian enjoys playing soccer.