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Roper on WNPR News - Where We Live: This Is Your Brain on Poverty

This Is Your Brain on Poverty
By John Dankosky, Tucker Ives, Lydia Brown & Catie Talarski, WNPR News

Guests discuss the psychology of poverty and what's being done to combat the stresses it brings on as well as the impact of noise pollution on the brain development of children in low-income communities.

  • Kathleen Weldon - Research Coordinator for the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at UConn
  • Johannes Haushofer - Assistant Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs at Princeton University
  • Elisabeth Babcock - Chief Executive of Crittenton Women's Union
  • Kia Levey - Project Director of The New Haven MOMS Partnership
  • Erika Skoe, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences at UConn

Listen to "This is Your Brain on Poverty" now.
Posted: Aug 21 2014

Roper on WNPR News - Where We Live: Getting Frank About Political Mail

Getting Frank About Political Mail
By John Dankosky, Tucker Ives, Lydia Brown & Catie Talarski, WNPR News

Guests discuss the topic of constituent mailing privileges, a practice called "franking."

  • Paul Herrnson - Executive Director of the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research and Professor of Political Science at the University of Connecticut
  • Clark Chapin - State Senator for Connecticut's 30th Senate District
  • Pete Sepp - President of the National Taxpayers Union

Listen to the story of "franking" now.
Posted: Aug 11 2014

Roper in the News

Connecticut Republicans Trade Barbs as Primary Nears
Joseph De Avila, Wall Street Journal
... primary elections are somewhat unpredictable because you aren't relying on the public, you are relying on" a party's most devoted base, said Paul Herrnson, executive director of the Roper Center... Read more from Paul here
Posted: Aug 08 2014

SAA Annual Meeting: Roper Center Presentation at the Metadata and Digital Objects Roundtable Meeting

What are We Thinking?: Using Faceted Classification and Tagging to Enhance Subject Access to the Public Mind

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research collects, preserves, and makes available data generated in the public opinion survey research industry. We are enhancing subject access to our data by transitioning from a static topic-assignment system to one that employs faceted classification and tagging. This presentation will provide an overview of the technical and conceptual challenges the Roper Center has faced in developing and implementing a subject taxonomy for the diverse and inherently controversial public opinion domain, as well as offer tips for anyone thinking about embarking on a taxonomy project of their own.

Meeting details:
Wednesday, August 13, 5:15-7:15PM
Washington, DC

Full meeting agenda here. Follow SAA 2014 on Twitter at #saa14.
Posted: Jul 28 2014

Andrew Kohut Named Winner of the 2014 Warren J. Mitofsky Award

The Roper Center's Board of Directors is delighted to announce the 2014 Warren Mitofsky Award for Excellence in Public Opinion Research will be awarded to Andrew Kohut, preeminent public opinion pollster who has made a profound contribution to the understanding of politics and public affairs, both in the US and globally. Whether commentating on National Public Radio or the PBS NewsHour or providing quotes for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Washington Post or scores of other media outlets, Mr. Kohut is known for his gravitas and unbiased, wise, insightful analysis of how the collective public views a vast variety of subjects.

Learn more about the Mitofsky Award and this year's recipient.

Posted: Jul 17 2014

ASA Poster Session: Voices of the Democracy Over 75 Years

American Sociological Association
Event 290 Research Funding Opportunities and Data Resources
Time: Sunday, August 17, 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Title: Voices of the Democracy Over 75 Years
This poster will demonstrate the breadth of the polling collections archived at the Roper Center, documenting the voices of the people over more than seven decades.
Posted: Jul 17 2014

APSA - Roper Center sponsored roundtables

Bringing 75 Years of Public Opinion Data into the Classroom 
Professors have unprecedented opportunities to incorporate public opinion data into their classes. Some public opinion archives now feature online access to survey questions, frequency distributions, crosstabs, online analysis tools, and datasets. These can be invaluable when preparing lectures, classroom exercises, or student research paper assignments for a range of courses, including a basic introduction to political science or American politics, campaigns and elections, public opinion and voting behavior, and research methods. This roundtable draws on the expertise of faculty members who have used archived public opinion data in their classes and Roper Center staff who have developed the center?s archive, analysis tools, and educational support programs. Attendees will be eligible for a free trial membership with the Roper Center.

Paul Herrnson, Executive Director of the Roper Center

George E. Marcus, Professor of Political Science, Williams College
Greg M. Shaw, Professor, Department of Political Science, Illinois Wesleyan University
Lois Timms-Ferrara, Associate Director, Roper Center
Marc Maynard, Technical Director, Roper Center

Using Archived Data to Study Public Opinion and American Political Development
Current public opinion polls, like news headlines, provide valuable information about politics, but historical coverage is needed to get a fuller understanding of most important issues and events. For example, one cannot fully comprehend reactions to recent voter identification laws without knowing about the 1965 Voting Rights Act and the discriminatory practices it was intended to address. Similarly, understanding the dynamics behind the party realignment on civil rights requires that scholars understand the nature of the linkages among party, economic views, and civil rights in the decades preceding the 1960s. In this panel, Adam Berinsky and Eric Schickler discuss how through weighting, recoding, and reanalyzing archived public opinion data they were able to create new insights into the forces that drive public opinion and propel American politics. Suzanne Mettler and David Mayhew will comment on the strengths and weaknesses of Berinsky?s and Schickler?s approach, reflect on its implications for research on public opinion and American political development, and discuss their own experiences and views on studying these subjects.

Paul Herrnson, Executive Director of the Roper Center

2013 Mitofsky Award Winners:
Adam J. Berinsky , Professor , Department of Political Science , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Eric Schickler, Jeffrey & Ashley McDermott Professor of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley

David Mayhew, Sterling Professor of Political Science & Institute of Social and Policy Studies, Yale
Suzanne Mettler, Clinton Rossiter Professor of American Institutions, Cornell University

Posted: Jul 17 2014

Kathleen Weldon newest staff member

Kathleen WeldonKathleen Weldon is has joined the Roper Center as Research Coordinator for a new research unit that uses the rich data resources of the Center to illuminate questions about the public's views on important issues.

A graduate of Wesleyan University with a degree in English, she started her career in public opinion at Harvard designing surveys with media and foundation partners. Kathleen is a member of AAPOR and currently serves as the program planning chair for NEAPOR.

Posted: Jul 16 2014

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 Revisited

"The Civil Rights Act of 1964 Revisited" which was published in UConn Today was picked up by US Official News on July 15, 2014.  The article quotes Paul Herrnson, Executive Director of the Roper Center, and includes polling data from iPOLL Databank surveys including CBS News, CNN, Gallup Organization, Pew Research Center, New York Times, Institute for International Social Research, and USA Today.
Posted: Jul 16 2014

Ulman clears first hurdle to State House

Paul Herrnson quoted in The Baltimore Sun article, "Ulman clears first hurdle to State House" by Amanda Yeager.,0,2823413.story
Posted: Jul 07 2014

Roper Center Staff Present at IASSIST Conference

Marc Maynard, Lois Timms-Ferrara, Elise Dunham, and Cindy Teixeira of the Roper Center attended the IASSIST 2014 Conference in Toronto, June 3-6, 2014. Elise and Cindy presented on the Review and Redesign of Roper Center Infrastructure project on June 6.

Learn more about the infrastructure project here.
Posted: Jun 26 2014

iPOLL Demo at AAPOR 2014, Anaheim, CA

Whether you're designing questionnaires, writing a report or an article, preparing a proposal, analyzing survey results, the iPOLL databank has something to enhance your work!

See the iPOLL feature's demo on Friday May 16, 3:15pm in the AAPOR Conference Exhibit Hall

Posted: May 05 2014

AAPOR Poster: 75 Years of Public Opinion

This poster will demonstrate the breadth of the polling collections archived at the Roper Center, documenting the voices of the people over more than seven decades. The value of this large body of opinion data lies in how researchers are able to study a multitude of issues across survey houses, question wordings, time periods and methodologies.

Where/When: Friday, May 16th at 3:15 at the Poster Session in the Exhibit Hall AAPOR 2014 Conference in Anaheim, CA

Posted: May 05 2014

Web Applications Developer Job Posting

The Roper Center seeks a Web Applications Developer to work in a collaborative team environment applying expertise and knowledge of web development and management techniques to design, develop, analyze and maintain effective web-based applications. Learn more...
Posted: Apr 29 2014

Save the Date: November 13, 2014

As a tribute to Warren Mitofsky, who was chairman of the Roper Center Board of Directors at the time of his passing, the Center has established the Warren Mitofsky Fund which will raise funds to support the Roper Center and sponsor an annual award for outstanding work utilizing the Center's archived holdings.

The 2014 Warren J. Mitofsky Award recipient?to be announced soon?will be honored at the awards dinner to be held on November 13, 2014 at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington DC. Please plan to join us.

Learn more about the Warren J. Mitofsky Fund and Award.
Posted: Apr 29 2014

Presentation Accepted for IASSIST 2014

The International Association for Social Science Information Services & Technology has accepted Elise Dunham's and Cindy Teixeira's submission, "A Review and Redesign of Roper Center Infrastructure" for presentation at the IASSIST 2014 Conference.
Posted: Apr 29 2014

Chasing Sean Eldridge: Facebook co-founder husband's brazen run

Paul Herrnson quoted in Politico article, "Chasing Sean Eldridge: Facebook co-founder husband's brazen run." by Alex Isenstadt.
Posted: Apr 28 2014

Molly Rockett Truman Scholarship Winner

Molly Rockett presenting 'Public Perception and Judicial Legitimacy' at Frontiers in Undergraduate Research at UConn.The Roper Center would like to congratulate Molly Rockett, recipient of the Roper Award for Research Experience (RARE), on being chosen by the Harry S Truman Scholarship Foundation as one of 59 outstanding college students from across the country. Students are nominated for this scholarship by their institution and selected on the basis of how they are likely to serve as future "change agents" who aspire to become leaders in the public sector where they can influence public policies and change public programs.

Molly and Faculty Mentor Professor Virginia Hettinger, Political Science, won the RARE Award for "Public Perception and Judicial Legitimacy" based on data from the Roper Center archive.  They used the DRI National Poll on the Civil Justice System to explore public perceptions of the judicial decision-making process and poll respondents? assessments of firsthand experiences (as litigants, jurors, or witnesses) with the legal system. Molly presented her research recently at the University of Connecticut forum, Frontiers in Undergraduate Research.

Learn about Roper Award for Research Experience (RARE) at:

Posted: Apr 17 2014

Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science

Metadata Production Specialist Elise Dunham will give a talk about her work at the Roper Center in a session of LIS 445 Metadata at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College on April 18, 2014. She will describe one of the Center's current projects, A Review and Redesign of Roper Center Infrastructure, and engage the class in a discussion about metadata challenges associated with datasets. 
Posted: Apr 15 2014

RARE Award Winners to Present

The two student recipients of the 2014 Roper Award for Research Experience (RARE) will present their findings at the University of Connecticut's Frontiers in Undergraduate Research poster exhibition on Friday, April 11.  Molly Rockett a senior majoring in Political Science worked with faculty mentor, Professor Virginia Hettinger to investigate polling data on judicial legitimacy. Brian Tiedt, a sophomore majoring in Economics and Political Science whose mentor is Professor Paul Herrnson studied American public opinion data on issues surrounding gun control.

The RARE Award is designed especially for students in the earlier stages of their college careers, to introduce them to public opinion research and give them the skills they will need for further research projects. The two will present in the Wilbur Cross North and South reading rooms at 3:30 PM.
Posted: Apr 10 2014

4/11 Paul Herrnson Workshop for Political Economy Series

Roper Center Director will be speaking about a work in progress titled, "Extended Party Networks and the Financing of Congressional Elections" as part of the Political Economy Series of Workshops offered by the Political Science Department at the University of Connecticut.  The discussion will be held on April 11th at 1:30 in 408 Oak Hall. 

Posted: Apr 10 2014

"Une réforme électorale inspirée par le Parti républicain"

Executive Director Paul Herrnson was interviewed by the French paper, Le Devoir, on the electoral reform inspired by the Canadian Republican Party.

"Une réforme électorale inspirée par le Parti républicain"
2 avril 2014 | Hélène Buzzetti | Canada
As many American states have changed, or are in the process of changing, their electoral laws with stricter identification rules and less voting days, the Canadian federal government is trying to adopt an electoral reform that would do just that: put more restrictive identification rules in place.

Le Devoir
Libre de penser
Posted: Apr 02 2014

"Clinton to assist 2 in bids for office"

Executive Director, Paul Herrnson was interviewed by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"Clinton to assist 2 in bids for office"
by Sarah D. Wire
WASHINGTON ? Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to attend fundraisers for two Arkansas Democrats in early April, continuing a trend over the past year of campaigning for Democratic friends.

Arkansas Online
Posted: Apr 02 2014

New England Archivist's Spring 2014 Meeting

Elise Dunham is attending the New England Archivist's (NEA) Spring 2014 Meeting March 21-22, 2014. She will be presenting in a lightning round on elevator pitches/archival advocacy and participating in a roundtable discussion about Our Marathon: The Boston Bombing Digital Archive. As the Social Media Coordinator for the NEA Communications Committee, Elise has played an instrumental role in promoting the meeting and will be managing NEA's social media accounts during the conference. Join the conversation on Twitter by following NEA tracking #NEAsp14.
Posted: Mar 20 2014

Member Agreements Require Signatures of Top Officials

Attention Roper Center Representatives! With this year's renewal, there is a new Membership Agreement for academic institutions that requires an authorized signature of an official with a title of Vice President/Provost for Research or the College/University, Provost, Chancellor, or University President or Counsel.

Non-academic Membership Agreements must now have an authorized signature of an official with a title of President, Vice President or Institutional Legal Counsel.
Posted: Mar 13 2014