Due to the lack of continued funding and technology changes, the database will not be available after October 5, 2012.

The Roper Center at the University of Connecticut and the University of Toronto, supported in part by a grant from the Canadian Embassy, have partnered to launch a pilot project to make Canadian opinion data more easily accessible to researchers around the globe. The CPOLL prototype of this project is now available for exploration and comment from the research community.

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Coverage of Prototype

Three years of survey data are included in this prototype database: 1995, 2000, and 2005. These years combine to create a database of approximately 2,000 questions and topline responses. The organizations are the most robust of the Roper Center Canadian collection: Gallup and IPSOS Reid, previously The Angus Reid Group.

CPOLL tracks a full range of social, economic, and political issues in Canada including: education, health care, morals, and racial and sexual discrimination, inflation, personal spending, unemployment, and wage and price controls, ratings of leaders, Parliament, political parties and election coverage, and Canada’s role in the world.

CPOLL Features

  • Search by:  Subject categories, keywords within question text, date of survey collection, and the survey firm
  • Use online analysis tools to run crosstabs and check within-sample group associations to further examine the Canadian Gallup poll data
  • Take advantage of RoperExpress to view the documentation and datasets (a membership feature) for both collections in 1995 and 2000.

Data Collections

Canadian Institute of Public Opinion (Gallup Canada)
This collection is the most comprehensive in the Roper Centerís Canadian holdings of data files and reports, spanning 1945-2000. Fully archived dataset files for the collection begin in 1945 and continue through 2000, comprising nearly 500 studies and more than 20,000 questions. The Canadian Gallup compilation is not only ideal for the trends that it permits, but the questions asked include a wide range of issues from political, to social, to personal behavior measures.

The Angus Reid Group
The Angus Reid Group collection spans the 1990s in the Roper Center’s archives. From 1992-1999 the Group collected data on various topics, with particular concentration on issues pertaining to industry, work force, and economics. IPSOS Reid Corporation has conducted the survey work since 2000.  In total these firms have contributed more than fifty datasets and reports and releases are archived from 1993 to present. These collections also focus on environment, fishing, agricultural and political matters of importance to Canadians.

Notes on Access to CPOLL

There are three levels of access to the CPOLL Databank:

  • Logging in with the same username and password as the iPOLL free trial provides access to a select set of survey questions and responses.
  • Completing the CPOLL registration provides access to the full set of survey questions and responses without access to the datasets.
  • IP Authentication as a Roper Center member provides access to the full set of survey questions and responses as well as RoperExpress datasets and documentation.

IMPORTANT:  Before registering for CPOLL with imposed restrictions on accessing Roper resources, see if your university is currently a member of the Roper Center by visiting “List of Members".

For more information contact the Roper Center at 860.486.4440 or by email at rcweb@ropercenter.uconn.edu.