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Analyzing Polls

Understanding a poll or a survey can be a challenging task. However, there are some clear steps you can take in order to simplify the process. Below you will find a guide on where to begin.

Analyzing Polls

When researchers use the phrase 'analyzing polls' they can mean one of two things: computer analysis of the polls or interpretive analysis of the polling results.


Computer Analysis involves using computer software to disaggregate (or break down) the dataset and run tables that distinguish how different groups in the sample responded to the questions. Roper Center resources offer various alternatives for obtaining those tables; not all of these options require software sophistication. Click here for more information on computer analysis...


Interpretive Analysis provides an explanation of what the data mean. In many respects this can be a daunting task, but this site offers some approaches to data that aim to simplify the process. Consider this the follow-up class to polling 101--
POLLING 201. Click here for more information on interpretive analysis...