The Roper Center collection contains public opinion data on an extremely wide range of topics. Topics at a Glance offers users prepared iPOLL and dataset searches, issue briefs, featured dataset descriptions, and charts and graphics on some of the most popular subject areas.

More resources on personal health, healthcare, and overall health from the archive.

Interpretive analysis

Birth control pills

Public Attitudes about Birth Control

Fifty years ago, just five years after the FDA approved the first birth control pill, the Supreme Court struck down ...
Public attitudes about Mental Health

Public Attitudes about Mental Health

Mental health care in the U.S. underwent significant changes over the past decade. New regulations mandated increases in mental health ...

Public Confidence in Local Hospitals

Where We Live - WNPR by Lydia Brown (John Dankosky and Chion Wolf contributed to this show) It’s been just ...
Ebola virus

The Public and Ebola: What the Polls Say

The news stories now follow a familiar pattern: an outbreak of a new and frightening disease on another continent, the ...
Person standing on a scale

The Public’s Perception of the Obesity Epidemic

Obesity has been called a major health crisis and a national epidemic. Health authorities, including prominent spokespeople like Michelle Obama ...

Related data

What Shapes Health?

What Shapes Health?

When people say that they're healthy, what do they mean? What external factors can cause health problems, and what is it ...
Gallup Organization

2nd Quarter 2015 Gallup Data Available

Eight Gallup Organization studies conducted from April-June, 2015 are now available for download. These studies cover a wide range of ...
Kaiser Family Foundation logo

Kaiser Health Tracking Series Updated

The Kaiser Health Tracking Series is conducted monthly to gain the public's views on the US health care system.  The ...
Employers perspectives on health insurance market

Employers Perspectives on the Health Insurance Market

New health care legislation affects small business owners in unique ways.  They deal first-hand with the potential fiscal and staffing ...

2014 Kaiser Family Foundation Poll – ACA and the Supreme Court

After the Affordable Care Act was passed, the Supreme Court dealt with the case of for-profit companies providing birth control ...

Charts & graphics