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JPOLL, the only comprehensive database of Japanese public opinion data, is currently supported by generous funding from the United States-Japan Foundation. The partnership that the Roper Center has developed with the US-Japan Foundation is designed to expand our current database and to promote its broad use. This resource, combined with the Roper Center's US public opinion database (POLL), will help to facilitate more comparative social science research, thus, moving us toward a better understanding Japanese society and of relations between Japan and the United States.

JPOLL contains more than 10,000 public opinion questions and the respective responses from Japan's major survey research sources. These studies cover social, political, and economic topics throughout the current decade. Users can search for public opinion questions using keywords, topics, dates, and organizations as search criteria.

JPOLL includes the capacity to view the complete text of questions and responses, translated into English, as well as all relevant study-level information.

Access to JPOLL is currently free of charge to the public as a result of generous funding from our partnership with United States - Japan Foundation.

JPOLL is organized and operated much like the Center's on-line POLL system which indexes and retrieves US survey data. Continuity between the two databases will facilitate quality cross-national research by allowing researchers to explore issues that have been examined through opinion polls in both the US and Japan. Together JPOLL and POLL are of tremendous value to those who seek a better understanding of both American and Japanese attitudes and opinions and will assist considerably in discussions and evaluations of Japan-US relations.


Translation Process

Nearly all the studies in our archive were received in their original Japanese form. Thus, we had to go through the rigorous process of translating these questions into meaningful English.

We have made great pains to reproduce the spirit of the question as it was asked in the original Japanese survey. Although we tried to choose English wording closest to the Japanese wording, we were more sensitive to replicating the actual meaning of the question.

We retain a large collection of data for which we have neither the time nor the resources to translate into English. This data will be made available to English-speaking users as we are able.

Claim of responsibility: The Roper Center bears sole responsibility for the accuacy of all survey translations. For each survey item, Center staff have considered literal translations and the spirit of the original Japanese wording in formulating an informed English rendering.
Such a resource would not have been possible without the assistance of many individuals and organizations working in the field of public opinion and Japan studies. The Center would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their assistance: The Asahi Shimbun, Central Research Services, Inc., The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Jiji Press, Ltd., NHK, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc., Nikkei Research, Inc., The Public Relations Office of the Prime Ministers Secretariat, The Shin Joho Center, Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc., The United States Information Agency, The Yomiuri Shimbun, and Ichiro Miyake of Kobe University. Truly, without their help, this rich collection of data could not have been brought together. The Center would also like to thank the members of its initial advisory committee—Gerald Curtis of Columbia University, John Campbell of the University of Michigan, Scott Flanagan of Florida State University, Ellis Krauss of the University of California at San Diego, and Seymour Martin Lipset of George Mason University—for their thoughtful advice and guidance. Again, the Center is proud to acknowledge the support of the . United States - Japan Foundation



Original source copyright maintained by individual survey organizations.

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