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How to Cite Roper Center Data


How to cite data


Bibliographic Citation

Publications based on Roper Center data collections should acknowledge the data sources by means of standard bibliographic citations. To ensure that source attributions are available for use by future social science researchers, full standard citations must appear in the footnotes or reference sections of publications. Research scholars publishing analytical pieces using data obtained from the Roper Center are also encouraged to provide the Center with a copy of the work or its citation information for inclusion in the web version of the "Bibliography of publications using data from the Roper Center." Citations can be submitted by email at or by sending them to The Roper Center, University of Connecticut, 369 Fairfield Way, Unit 2164, Storrs, CT 06269-2164.

Citations of machine-readable data files contain five major elements:
(1) Authorship, (2) Title, (3) Edition/Version, (4) Producer, and (5) Distributor

General Citation Format:
Authorship. Title [material designator]. Edition/Version. Location of producer: Name of producer [producer], Production date. Location of distributor: Name of distributor [distributor], Distribution date.

The bibliographic citation for this data collection is:
Cable News Network, USA Today. CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll # 2000-20:
Microsoft/Parents/'Socially Responsible' [computer file]. 1st Roper Center for Public Opinion Research version. Lincoln, NE: Gallup Organization [producer], 2000. Storrs, CT: The Roper Center, University of Connecticut [distributor], 2001.

The above information is based on the citations described within:
Roistacher, Richard C. A Style Manual for Machine-Readable Data Files and Their Documentation. Washington, DC: US Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1980.

Disclaimer: Files are offered "as is" with no warranty or claim for fitness for any purpose. In no event shall the Center be liable for any actual, incidental or consequential damages arising from use of these files.